As promised at our Inaugural Residents Gathering (29/7/2019), the second Save Glen Eira Residents gathering  was held on 14th  October, 2019 at the Bentleigh McKinnon Youth Centre.

 We thank the 85-90 attendees for their support of SGE’s activities and goals of achieving genuine consultation, proper planning and protection for our neighbourhoods.  



     Introduction and SGE Activity Update

     The Seymour Road Heritage Saga              

     Vulnerable Activity Centres

     A Little History


To give attendees an opportunity to ask questions or raise issues on the presentations and provide input into Save Glen Eira’s future activities.

  • Glen Eira’s residents have wanted improved consultation and proper planning for years, yet have achieved little. Save Glen Eira is presenting a real opportunity for residents make their voice heard. Of our 9 Councillors, a number have been in place for too many years – this needs to change
  • Our Councillors are not aware of community discontent – they are not listening to us, they are listening to the Council Officer’s version of what we are saying.
  • Change will not occur unless a new Council is elected in October, 2020 – a Council that truly represents the residents and is prepared to argue on behalf of the residents to the State Government and at VCAT.
  • The search for appropriate Council Candidates to stand in all wards needs to start a.s.a.p. We need good people in every ward – too many candidates are party affiliated or would be career politicians.


David Southwick – MLA, Caulfield (Liberal)

  • 70% of Melbourne’s population growth is being squeezed into middle ring areas, such as Glen Eira , Each squeeze increases the pressure on Glen Eira’s already stretched facilities and residential amenity.
  • Glen Eira needs Structure Planning for all activity centres. Residents need to hold Counciillors to account – in other Councils, Coucillors direct officers, the opposite is true in Glen Eira.
  • Residents need to keep fighting for community recognition and improvements to planning at both Council and State levels. They also need to asses past performance and current promises at elections time.

Clifford Hayes – MLC, Southern Metropolitan (Sustainable Australia)

  • Although similar population growth issues are occurring across Melbourne they are more significant in Glen Eira than in other Muncipalities which have more appropriate controls in place. Glen Eira already has Metro Melbourne’s 4th highest population density, lowest open space, few mandatory height controls yet densities continue to increase.
  • Need to focus not only on Councillors, but also on State Government to empower the community by ensuring Councillors act in accordance with their legal responsibilities (governance) and curbing the power  of VCAT


 SGE is proposing to hold a public rally on Sunday, 10/11/2019 at the Elsternwick Plaza.  The Rally is to send a loud and clear message to Council that residents are united in their demands for genuine consultation, proper planning and are tired of being ignored.

 Please join us at the Rally (for the rally to succeed, numbers really count) and look to our website and FB page for regular updates of Rally details.


 As requested by residents at our earlier Gathering,  Save Glen Eira corflutes are now available at $10.00 ea.

 A great addition to any Garden or Gate – that also sends a message!

Corflute collection points are set up across the municipality.  To find the collection point nearest you – please call O419 136 906 

Please note:   Corflutes are not cheap – our initial acquisition was funded by generous sponsorship.  The $10.00 corflute price will enable the corflutes to become a long term, self funding SGE  activity.


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