Glen Eira has a planning CRISIS.  Our neighbourhoods are being destroyed by excessive and inappropriate development. Despite vocal and consistent demands from residents, our Council doesn’t have a cohesive, strategic plan to address development now or into the future. This will continue unless we act collectively to prevent destruction.

Glen Eira is unique and it’s planning CRISIS is more significant than in other areas of Melbourne.

Glen Eira has

  • the lowest provision of open space in Victoria (less than half the Melbourne Metro average),
  • the highest population density in the state (excluding CBD areas)
  • the highest number of new dwellings (per capita) in 2018
  • no permanent height limits in its main road shopping strips (ie. commercial and mixed use zones) – interim height limits only apply to the major activity centres of Bentleigh, Carnegie and Elsternwick.

Council’s performance in Planning for Population Growth, Planning Permits and Town Planning is significantly lower than the state wide average (as assessed by residents in the 2016 State Govt. survey)

Glen Eira is also

  • 15 years behind other metro municipalities in strategically planning for future development and incorporating contemporary planning tools in it’s planning scheme and
  • the leader in the rate and pace of development and
  • “dragging it’s feet” in implementing Structure Planning as ordered by the Planning Minister in December, 2015.