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Tackle ‘nimbyism’ to boost productivity.  

Michael Bleby, Senior Reporter The Financial Review Sep 15, 2019

Professor Harper, Dean of Melbourne Business School, in a speech to the Property Council of Australia’s annual Property Congress last week, addressed his concerns regarding ‘nimbyism’. 


Residents with a not-in-my-backyard mentality in suburbs with good transport and other crucial facilities are not the only impediment to allowing a growing population to live affordably within practical distance of work.

Efficient transport networks were also crucial, he said. However, in a country where the Grattan Institute says housing affordability is fast creating a divide between haves and have-nots, overcoming barriers to denser, well-located housing was crucial, Professor Harper said.

“If you make our places better places to live and work and grow, by tackling congestion, by tackling nimbyism and all the other things that get in the way of making our cities grow and become productive, indirectly what you’re doing is boosting our social capital by building community,” he said.

When I see articles like this, I become really angry.

This “expert” is typical of people who look down on the “little people” with their “little concerns” that should be discarded by the “experts that know better”.

The efficiency argument and their so called “social capital” they think trump our practical concerns because, at the end of the day, these people think we don’t count and our lives can be compromised for their theoretical values.

These are the people who influence Government policy. They are the Bureaucracy, Property Developers, Councils etc.

This is what we are up against!

Despite a number of you thinking that you are being reasonable in accepting some development if done well etc, people like this just think you are another NIMBY to be ignored.

People like this don’t actually care if the development is not done well, because that is a practical consideration that is outside of their remit. That becomes – someone else’s problem

Fortunately, there is still a democracy in this country. The only problem is that the “little people” need to unite and co-ordinate to such a massive and sophisticated level, so that ‘these people’ and their arguments can be put back in their little box.

When politicians ask us to be reasonable, measured, co-operative, etc. be careful not to be lulled into submission

The only power we really have is our voice that we have to turn into a roar, and our vote!


Note:   The full article is available – Tackle ‘nimbyism’ to boost productivity

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