It is astonishing that nearly 50% of the respondents Glen Eira refers to are under 18, and nearly 40% are 11 or under! While no doubt there are times when it is appropriate to ask young people their views, Glen Eira’s Community Vision should be shaped by people who live in Glen Eira and who are old enough to pay rates, and old enough to vote.

The issue that Save Glen Eira encounters time and time again in our discussions with residents is overdevelopment, and the inadequate say residents are given in planning matters. The intricacies of our planning legislation and the mysterious ways of VCAT are complex enough for residents, and it is nonsense to expect 11 year olds to be familiar with such matters.

Rather than handing over community engagement to highly paid consultants who come back with worthless fluff, Glen Eira should hold some open public meetings at the Town Hall and find out what its residents really think.

Glen Eira Community Handout

Brochure distributed at Glen Eira City Council Community Workshop – Friday 14 February, 10am–12pm at Duncan Mackinnon Reserve Community Room, corner North and Murrumbeena Roads, Murrumbeena)