The suburbs in the City of Glen Eira have arisen above what was once a land of swamps, marshes and heaths.

The water table in Glen Eira is close to the surface.

Much of the water table in Glen Eira is less than 5 metres from the surface.

Glen Eira City Council relies on Melbourne Water advice regarding all planning applications. However, Melbourne Water manages waterways and major drainage systems.  Melbourne Water does not consider the impact on the hydrology of the water table and its ecosystem.


Is Groundwater important?

  • water is always on the move
  • It circulates through the Hydrologic cycle
  • Ground water is an important part of this continuous cycle as water evaporates, forms cloud and returns to earth as precipitation.


The City of Kingston, our close neighbour has already begun to be concerned about their ecosystem:

Groundwater is a valuable natural resource that should be protected. Underground structures should minimize their impact on the natural state of groundwater equilibrium. (City of Kingston, Basements and Deep building Construction Policy 2014)

Groundwater is an important part of the water cycle, contributing to the replenishment of downstream water bodies. Consideration needs to be given for groundwater before, during and after construction. (City of Kingston, Basements and Deep Building Construction Guidelines 2014)

 Glen Eira Council together with Glen Eira residents need to address the possible impacts of accepting basements as a normal component of proposed developments. We are beginning to see several adjoining properties with boundary-to-boundary basements in our residential streets. The prevalence of deep basements in the high rise developments within our activity centres should be questioned and addressed by Glen Eira Council.

 Glen Eira is situated close to Port Phillip Bay. Glen Eira’s water table is close to ground surface. In many areas of Victoria we have witnessed the impacts of rising salinity levels brought about by a lack of understanding of the importance of the water table and its ecosystem

Impact of basements and loss of permeable surfaces.

  • Basements are considered to be a common component of mutli-level developments in Glen Eira. It is seen by many to be a clever solution to car parking on residential streets.
  • Most multi-level developments seem to have the need to build as many units as possible on the available land, with little regard for permeable surfaces. (water can’t reach the water table if concrete and cement cover the ground)
  • If there are fewer permeable surfaces in Glen Eira (front gardens and back gardens are quickly disappearing) the water that would normally fall to the water table will add to the intensity of the flooding of the streets of Glen Eira.

The City of Glen Eira has been impacted by heavy rainfall resulting in flash flooding on several occasions, including 1996, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017.

Below is the first page of the 2018 Flash Flood Guide for the City of Glen Eira,

Residents should note that:

  • Many of the areas covered by the maps are zoned General Residents (GRZ – 3 storeys) or Residential Growth Zones (RGZ – 4 storeys). Areas typified by boundary to boundary basement car parking.
  • Council doesn’t have a Development Contribution Levy payable by developers towards the supply of infrastructure (eg. drainage and roads) to meet the future needs of the community.
  • the latest Structure Plans, by incorporating the previous inappropriate zonings, continue to allow increased densification of areas prone to flash flooding.

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