Below is the Objection Submission (compiled by residents) Save Glen Eira will be lodging with Council. 

All residents concerned about the current and future development of Carnegie should lodge a submission. Feel free to copy any, or all, of this submission. 

Now, when building heights, setbacks and what’s allowed to built where, are being approved is the time to lodge objections.  Once C184 is approved, lodging objections to individual developments (which meet requirements of Amendment C184) is pointless – the ship is sailing now. 

Submission due date:       27th August, 2020 

To know more about Amendment C184, including how to make a submission, please visit Council’s website

I object to the proposed Planning Scheme Amendment C184 for the Carnegie and Bentleigh Activity Centres due to the following reasons:


Lack of Consultation 

  • Unfortunately, there has not been any community consultation prior to the latest draft Amendment C184 being released. Many sites have been rezoned without any prior consultation. We have a suburb which is losing its character with the planning zones embedded in this document.
  • Another round of changes which has been to the detriment of the local community and our expectations


 Proposed Building Heights Are Too High 

  • Proposed building heights are too high for the activity centres and surrounding areas. 12 and 8 storeys– discretionary – are not appropriate and not in keeping with the character of the Carnegie area. Buildings that are likely to exceed the discretionary height limits of 12 and 8 storeys will be in close proximity of 3 and 4 storey residential housing as well as properties within heritage zones.
  • Building height and density of this level will materially and negatively affect the neighbourhood character and is not in the spirit of clause 15.01-5S of the planning scheme amendment explanatory document.
  • It will also fail to improve and protect liveability, neighbourhood character and amenity of Glen Eira and not in the spirit of clauses 21.03 Vision – Strategic Framework and 21.04 Housing and Residential Development of the planning scheme amendment explanatory document.
  • The proposed discretionary height limits are materially different to the interim height limits currently in place, which are more in keeping with community expectations. 

Heavy Reliance on Discretionary Height Limits

  •  Large portions of the Carnegie Activity Centre will be reliant on discretionary height limits.   My concern is that discretionary height limits will become a minimum height expectation for development within the area

  • The combination of discretionary and mandatory height limits under clauses 43.02 s8&9 should all be made mandatory to provide clarity and certainty to residents, developers and landowners and the wider community.

Regressive New Zones 

  • New residential zones types have been introduced that reduce the liveability of the area. These new types of zones should be eliminated and revert back to the residential zones initially envisioned and proposed by Council

  • The combination of lower permeability, higher site coverage and elimination of garden requirements across the new zones of GRZ5, NRZ2 and RGZ4 will led to higher density, loss of unique neighbourhood character and feel of the area and diminish the liveability and amenity of the activity centre area and its surrounds.

Loss of Public Land 

  • Car parks currently zoned PUZ6 should remain public useable land and possibly become open space rather than rezoned for commercial uses.

Yours sincerely





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Council elections will be held in October, 2020.

Glen Eira needs Councillors who hold transparency and accountability as part of their responsibility to residents. Councillors who are prepared to openly question and challenge the Administration and its officers and ensure that residents’ views are factored into Council’s decisions.   (Under the Local Government Act Councillors are responsible for setting the “rules” and monitoring the compliance of all Council officers with those “rules”).

 If you are considering standing, please feel free to contact us to further discuss any of the above issues or any area of special interest to you.