Glen Eira Update: Action Needed

Glen Eira has inundated its residents with drafts for consideration:

We presented many questions on last year’s budget and received polite replies, but no answers.

Last year’s Press Release on the Community Vision made a mockery of data collection.

Neighbourhood Centres under threat

Council has provided a survey for residents to complete. The problem is that the survey is not asking the questions we would like to answer. Check out

If the survey does not provide scope for your concerns. Download a letter to the site and send a copy to Councillors. Once these 3 neighbourhood Centres are approved (draft also includes a Local Centre), Neighbourhood Centres across the Glen Eira will follow. Once a precedent is set…

Caulfield South is one of the oldest settlements in Glen Eira, and many of the old shops will become glass and concrete high rise. We need heritage overlays to ensure that the neighbourhood character is maintained and the new buildings are designed around the old

We ask for your support for the Neighbourhood Centres. Council will only listen if we have the numbers. A proforma letter is attached if you wish to use it.

Many of you have already written to Councillors. Thank you. However, Council will only count the formal responses to the draft in their data collection. We need to download letters to the survey boxes.