In October, 2020, residents will vote for Councillors (3 for each electoral ward – Camden, Rosstown and Tucker) to lead and represent them for the next four years (ie 2020-2024).

The number of significant long term issues confronting Glen Eira is daunting and remain unresolved.  It is worrying that these issues are more significant in Glen Eira than other Melbourne Metropolitan Councils who (over the past 20 years) have regularly updated their planning schemes to incorporate contemporary planning concepts and planning tools.


  • Glen Eira City Council does not have a comprehensive, municipal plan to address development now and not into the future.
    • Glen Eira’s principle planning document, the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) is still based on 1996 Census Data
    • Council is “dragging its feet” in implementing Structure Planning as ordered by the Planning Minister in December, 2015.
  • Over-development of Glen Eira –
    • G E has the highest population density in the state (excluding CBD areas)
    • G E has the highest number of new dwellings (per capita) in 2018
  • Lack of permanent height limits in the core of any Activity Centre
  • Significant traffic and parking issues (with the highly contentious proposed changes to the current parking policy due to be presented early this year)
  • No tree protection policies or significant tree register
  • Lack of Open Space. Despite this parlous situation being recognised in 2009, little open space has been acquired since and and Council has yet to advise of any strategic plans to acquire additional land or of changes to the developer-paid Open Space Levy.
  • Lack of policy to protect heritage and neighbourhood character
  • Council’s lack of real purposeful community consultation, and lack of transparency in its decision making.


 Your vote in 2020 will be important for the future of Glen Eira

Glen Eira needs Councillors who hold transparency and accountability as part of their responsibility to residents. Councillors who are prepared to openly question and challenge the Administration and its officers and ensure that residents’ views are factored into the planning process.  (Under the Local Government Act Councillors are responsible for setting the “rules” and monitoring the compliance of all Council officers with those “rules”.

 If you are considering standing, please feel free to contact us to further discuss any of the above issues or any area of interest to you.



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