As a result of many resident questions re spendings included in Council’s 2020-2021 Budget and Strategic Resource Plan, Council has extended the submission deadline to 10/6/2020.

We encourage residents to lodge a submission.  Remember Social Media comments don’t count, only actual submissions lodged with Council count – take the extra step.

Submissions may be lodged by email:,



Dear Councillors,

Below is my submission to the draft 2020-2021 Budget and Strategic Resource Plan. 

  1. I am not supportive of a loan of $60 million dollars.
  2. I want at least 50% of the Open Space Reserve to be spent on the purchase of NEW open space.
  3. I want Council to increase its budget allocation for strategic planning so that height limits across ALL activity centres may be introduced asap.
  4. I do not want $50million to be spent on the Carnegie pool.
  5. I want protection of our Neighbourhood Centres

 Yours sincerely,



Postal Address

Telephone/Mobile No

Council elections will be held in October, 2020.

Glen Eira needs Councillors who hold transparency and accountability as part of their responsibility to residents. Councillors who are prepared to openly question and challenge the Administration and its officers and ensure that residents’ views are factored into Council’s decisions.   (Under the Local Government Act Councillors are responsible for setting the “rules” and monitoring the compliance of all Council officers with those “rules”).

 If you are considering standing, please feel free to contact us to further discuss any of the above issues or any area of special interest to you.

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